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A dynamic and visionary team of entrepreneurs fuelled by a shared passion for driving positive change. Our mission is to contribute towards a brighter future by delivering cutting-edge smart solutions tailored to companies of all sizes.


our values


We believe in the power of simplicity to drive elegant and user-friendly solutions, making the complex more accessible and enjoyable.


Our higher purpose guides every decision we make, ensuring that our actions contribute to a meaningful and positive impact on society.


We prioritise open communication and integrity, building trust with all stakeholders by being truthful and forthright in our actions.


We put our users at the heart of everything we do, crafting solutions tailored to their needs and delivering exceptional experiences that surpass expectations.

simplicity is

Consulting Services

Structure &

Experience in building multi-entity, multi-jurisdiction structures in order to facilitate compliant digital assets transactions/movements across borders.

We have tokenized over £100m of real assets.

Highly knowledgeable on the proposed RLN infrastructure.

Risk &

We are highly experienced at navigating through global operational, resilience-based, regulatory and financial crime risks in order to deliver client solutions.

Across our client engagements, we have made specific and recognised contribution re. parameters of categorisation as to where, geographically, digital objects ‘originate’, plus those that serve to tie them permanently to a particular jurisdiction.

Micro &

Expertise in worldwide CBDC creation economics, local project ‘tokenomics’ and behavioural economics (incentivisation structures within DAOs, for example) and convex/concave decision making.


Our development resources are both considerable and broad across:

Solidity, DAML, Swift, Kotlin, Vue.js, Next.js, React, Flutter, Java, XRPL and Python.

In both CBDC pilots we have engaged in, we have contributed the primary, use-case-facilitating technology.

Highly skilled at stablecoin-based financial engineering; including demand/supply manipulation and providing optimum liquid (fiat and crypto) reserve ratios.

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