Kode Rank is a new concept for relative consensus networks. Our innovative reward ranking system, inspired by Google's PageRank, ensures that users are rewarded based on their network contributions and active participation.

The process

In the same way that PageRank uses the connections between webpages, Kode Rank uses the consensus connections between users to calculate the rank value for each user in the network.


Connection Strength

Your influence is boosted by the value and duration of the currency you lock in a contract.


Connection Distance

We measure the shortest path between you and another user. Whether it's a direct link or a series of connections, your proximity matters.


Currency Coefficient

Every currency has its power.


Initial Connection Parameter

When you establish a new connection, your initial influence is calculated based on your previous reputation and that of the user you're connecting with.

With these parameters in mind, Kode Rank calculates your reputation in the blink of an eye. But it's not just about numbers—it's about building a thriving community where your contributions are recognised and rewarded.

The stronger your commitment,
the greater your impact

How it works

We adopted decentralized computing for Kode Rank to ensure its fairness and security.

Create a Consensus Contract

Kode Rank provides a smart contract known as a Consensus Contract, which allows users to connect with each other on the multiple public blockchains that support smart contracts

Get the PR

Kode Rank uses the consensus connection between users to replace the link between web pages in the original PageRank algorithm, and calculate the PR value of each user node in the network to represent the user's influence in the community.

Earn rewards

Through consensus connection, users can receive rewards according to their PR value. Cryptocurrency held on each public chain will be sent to a public deposit smart contract where users can withdraw at any time.

The Kode Rank consensus contract exists on multiple public blockchains that support smart contracts,including but not limited to Ethereum, Binance, Tezos, TRON.

 Step into the world of digital connections where every interaction earns you recognition and rewards.