Autonomous Trust Momentum (or ATM for short) is a meta-community based on our new concept of relative consensus networks. When combined with the innovative ATMRank algorithm, based on Google’s PageRank algorithm, users in the network will be proportionally rewarded with LUCA for the part that they play in the growth of the new social network.

the process

Create a Consensus Contract

ATM provides a smart contract known as a Consensus Contract, which allows users to connect with each other on the multiple public blockchains that support smart contracts

Get the PR

ATM uses the consensus connection between users to replace the link between web pages in the original PageRank algorithm, and calculate the PR value of each user node in the ATM network to represent the user's influence in the community.

Earn rewards

Through consensus connection, users can receive rewards according to their PR value. The LUCA held on each public chain will be sent to a public deposit smart contract where users can withdraw at any time.

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