House of Coin DAO (HocDao) is a fork of the MakerDAO, taking tokenised real estate as collateral instead of ETH and other crypto assets, and mints the overcollateralised stablecoin HGBP, as opposed to DAI.

the governance

Your voting power is directly linked to your HOC token holdings. With a total token supply of 10 billion, tokens are earned through staking, borrowing, governance, and team incentives.

Collateralize real estate,
earn HGBP stable coin


Hoc Protocol

A decentralised, open source platform on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows users to generate HGBP by leveraging RWA as collateral where approved by HocDao Governance.

HOC Foundation

The entity dedicated to starting and supporting the Hoc Protocol and its ecosystem – through to and past the point of decentralisation.


A decentralised, unbiased, Real World Asset backed stablecoin, held in cryptocurrency wallets or within platforms, and supported primarily on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20).