Experience the future with AI! It's the groundbreaking technology that empowers machines to mimic human intelligence, performing tasks like problem-solving and decision-making. AI is the driving force behind countless applications, revolutionising the way we live and work.


The ultimate tool for informing users about your product, company, and services. It's the friendly buddy that always cares about your clients, ensuring they have all the information they need!

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Your digital twin. Customise every aspect of your virtual identity, from appearance and personality to interactions and abilities, creating a unique digital version of yourself.

Meet Your new half-self

or create the avatar

Craft personalised avatars to reflect your unique personality or anything you like. Make avatars for work, family, friends, or school, and enjoy creating different characters for different aspects of your life..


Your digital self

An excellent opportunity to create and personalising avatars to serve a wide range of needs. Use them as a user profile, an avatar in shared links, or for interactive communication.

Mirror your personality

Empower your avatar with your unique traits! Teach it about yourself, so it can mirror your behaviour, speech, and overall personality flawlessly.

Future of communication

Experience the future of communication! Generate a link to share with friends, and they can chat with your personalised avatar, mirroring your unique personality.


The innovative HR platform designed to simplify application reviews. Our platform efficiently reduces HR workload and identifies top candidates for your team in a bias-free manner by analysing CVs and cover letters. With help of PICKEY, recruiters can easily conduct screening interviews via chat or video.


Your study buddy

An AI-powered learning tool that offers a personalised learning experience tailored just for you. Explore a variety of resources to boost your learning and enjoy friendly conversations with our AI buddy. Plus, our AI supports teachers in creating tests and managing daily academic tasks.

medical preparation

Your one-stop solution for seamless medical learning and personalised guidance. With our AI solution, passing exams becomes a breeze. You'll have the support of a study friend every step of the way.

Your supportive study friend


Receive personalised financial insights from our advisors: the Chairman, Financial Analyst, Journalist, Researcher, Market Analyst, Risk Analyst, and Business Consultant. Rely on the Chairman to provide the final decision, offering you a clear summary based on our team's expertise.

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